Wartune Hack 900000 Gold Balens Vouchers Cheat

Download Wartune Hack adder generator now and generate or add unlimited gold, balens, vouchers to your account for free. This Wartune Cheat tool is undetected, free to download and still %100 working as of 2013. Wartune adder generator works with Wartune US east and west servers, Wartune Europe servers and Wartune Oceanic servers. Important, if you are using Windows 7 make sure to run this tool as an administrator to make it work properly. This Wartune Hack only works on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, it doesn’t support Internet Explorer, Flock and Safari. See the working proof, you can watch Wartune cheats hack in action and download it below.

wartune hack cheat

Wartune Hack Tool

About Wartune:

Wartune is a strategy role playing game that can be played on Facebook. It is created and published by Seventh Road a Chinese video games company. On the RPG part, users can play the role of an Archer, Knight or a Mage and guide two legions of Mercenary by way of a fantasy themed story having awesome seven dimension graphics, successful battles and obtaining treasures to gain gold and experience and several other assets like Kyanite & Daru. On the strategy side, users can enhance buildings costing them Golds and gather sources. Get the Wartune Cheat tool now below.

Working Proof:

Wartune Hack Features:
√ Add unlimited Gold
√ Add unlimited Balens
√ Add unlimited Vouchers

How to use Wartune Adder Generator:
1. Go to Wartune game on Facebook.
2. Open Wartune adder generator.
3. Select your browser and enter your Wartune name.
4. Select the desired amount of gold, balens, vouchers. (on the switches)
5. Press generate.



“Enjoy cheating Facebook game Wartune by adding unlimited resources to your account. Gold, Vouchers, Balens by using this awesome Wartune Hack tool.”


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