War Commander Hack Cheat Tool

Here is the original download of only working War Commander Hack tool that you can find available online. This War Commander Cheat tool can add unlimited oil, metal and full power on your Facebook game instantly and for free. This hack will alter the capacity of storage along your desired value of resources. Take advantage of other players now and have fun dominating the world map! by applying this hacks cheats on your account you can easily upgrade buildings, create large number of powerful platoons to defeat your opponents, construct all resources, military, defensive buildings available to your current level, expand your base, unlimited ability to fully repair all buildings, etc. You can skip reading the game information and go now below to see the working proof and download link of War Commander Hack tool.

war commander

War Commander Hack Tool

War Commander Game Info:
War Commander is an epic strategy war type Facebook game made and released by Kixeye. On War Commander, users need to guard their camp by fighting waves of attack from opponent users. Apart from guarding their camp, users can also invade and crush opponent bases. The game have three types of buildings resources, military, defenses buildings and have several kinds of tanks such as hell-fire  rhino, shock tank, behemoth, razorback, etc. and different types of aircraft and infantry like attack dog, suicide bomber, copter drones, flamethrower, shock trooper and many more. This game have a very entertaining and addictive game-play, as stated in a games status site presently War Commander have one to two million and increasing active monthly users on Facebook. Get War Commander Cheats tool below.

war commander cheat

War Commander Cheats Working Proof

War Commander Hack Tool Features:
√ Generate unlimited metal
√ Generate unlimited oil
√ Storage capacity hack
√ Generate full power

War Commander Cheat Hack Tool Instructions:
1. Load War Commander game on Facebook.
2. Open this hack and choose your browser then press detect game.
3. Enter the value of metal and oil you want to add on your account.
4. Tick the capacity hack and power boxes.
5. Click start hack.


War Commander Hack


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