Social Empires Hack Cheat Tool

Social Empires Hack version 1.2 is the only working cheat tool that can generate unlimited cash, wood, stone, gold and food on your account instantly and for free. You can watch the Social Empires Cheat tool working proof video below. Have fun playing the game without limitations, do anything you want, buy all wonders available to your present level using the generated social empires cash buildings such as inca god, coliseum, chichen itza, sphinx, machu picchu, chinese wall, petra, taj mahal, etc. Expand your empire, upgrade buildings, build all buildings, decorations, defense and attack buildings. These Social Empires Cheats are still undetected, working and guaranteed safe to use as of 2013. You can skip reading the game info and go now below to download Social Empires Hack.

Social Empires Hack

version 1.2 Social Empires Hack

Social Empires Game Info:
Social Empires is an epic social strategy type iPhone, iPad, Facebook game made and released by Social Point company. According to applications stats currently, Social Empires have five to six million active monthly users on Facebook. In this game, players need to build and develop an empire, make a powerful group of army to protect your empire and defeat your enemies, gather resources food, stone, gold, wood, take quests. Social Empires have 38 different kinds of units that makes the game more interesting and enjoyable for players, units such as swordsman, archers, knights, allies selection, special units, wizards, castle units, siege units, original beasts, etc. Download Social Empires Cheat tool now below.

Working Proof:

Social Empires Hack v1.2 Cheats:
√ Add unlimited Cash
√ Add unlimited Gold
√ Add unlimited Food
√ Add unlimited Wood
√ Add unlimited Stone

Social Empires Hack Instructions:
a. Go to Facebook Social Empires and open Social Empires Hack v1.2.
b. On settings tab input your Facebook email and choose your browser.
c. Input desired amount of wood, stone, food, gold and cash.
d. Click start.


Social Empires Hack Direct Download


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    Great! it works 🙂

  2. casey0123

    ♥ all works fine except for wood cheat ???

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